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General Public Classes

We offer classes to the general public for those who would like to improve their knowledge and understanding of using Google Suites free web-based productivity software and applications.

About Google Doc Editor Suite

Google Doc Editor Suite is a free web based productivity office suite offered by Google to those
who have free Google email addresses. The free online suite includes the following programs:


Create and edit online spreadsheets with the ability to share in real time.


Service Name

Diagramming software that allows you to create drawings and diagrams to share in real time.


Easily create and share online forms and surveys that collect and organize date readily.


Create, collaborate, and present online slides.


A platform for online calls, meetings and conferences. Learn how to use the suite software to organize and run meetings.


Service Name 

Sharable time management and scheduling calendar great for individual, family and small business use.


One 2-hour session: $150

Two 2-hour sessions: $250

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