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Individual Services

Financial Management Services

This service is provided by a professional who is a New Jersey Certified Teacher and/or Teacher of the Handicapped, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist, or Certified Tutor. The specific skill areas addressed as well as the compensatory strategies devised and used are tailored to each individual’s needs. 

Sessions will focus on some or all of the following areas:

  1. Evaluate the client’s income source(s), expenses, and financial needs to set up a monthly budget system.

  2. Instruct the client on how to execute the monthly budget system through use of efficient filing, checklists and other recording systems (i.e. ledger, notebook, computer, spreadsheet) to manage transactions, etc.

  3. Instruct the client through demonstration, followed by hands-on reinforcement tasks, to use online banking and bill writing systems as well as regular use of a checkbook. Instruction will include the following:

    1. How to set up online accounts

    2. How to pay bills online (current bills due as well as future payment schedules).

    3. How to record transactions made online.

    4. How to write checks and record check transactions.

    5. How to read and interpret statements and reconcile accounts each month.

  4. Monitor use of the financial system, provide reinforcement (i.e. verbal, modifications, rehearsal of hands-on procedures, varied repetition), and feedback as to progress made with independent execution of system between sessions.

  5. All procedures will be put into writing in the client’s “financial journal” for independent use between sessions and when sessions cease. The goal for all clients is to acquire financial literacy skills that will allow them to maximize their potential to independently manage their finances.

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