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About Us

A Plus Tutoring and Learning Center provides services to adults with cognitive deficits and/or developmental disabilities. We are determined to help our students achieve academic success while also fostering personal growth and development. We believe that every student has the potential to succeed and we are committed to helping them reach their goals.

Our Mission

Our mission at A Plus Tutoring and Learning Center is to take our clients through the rehabilitation, educational or developmental process with the eventual goal to work towards their optimal potential. We accomplish this goal by focusing on individual strengths and abilities rather than disabilities. We provide our clients with practical skills, knowledge, and compensatory strategies to work to their desired optimal potential.


Professionals at A Plus Tutoring and Learning Center will take each client through the rehabilitation/educational/developmental process to improve their overall quality and pleasure of life, maximize their individual level of independence and increase their sense of self esteem.

Meet Our Team

Our professional staff is licensed and certified in their respective fields and offer a diverse array of expertise and talents. Our staff consists of Clinical Neuropsychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Associate Counselors, Certified Brain Injury Specialists, RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professionals, Biofeedback Technicians, Speech and Language Pathologists and NJ Certified Teachers, including certifications in Teachers of the Handicapped, Mathematics, Reading Specialists and Computers and Technology.  Additionally, we have the creative minds or art, dance and photography/videography instructors as well as Wellness and Health Coaches. 

In addition to therapeutic interventions, our staff is equipped to teach new skills and compensatory strategies. We help develop and implement accommodations and programs designed to assist clients with reaching their maximum potential. As a trusted multi-disciplinary practice since 2008, we have had the privilege of serving individual’s with developmental disabilities and brain injuries throughout the State of NJ. We work closely with DDD, the NJ Traumatic Brain Injury Fund, NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and service clients with Medicare and private medical insurance coverage.

​Eileen McCarthy-Sittig, Ph.D.

NJ Licensed Psychologist #4284

Clinical Director

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Gayle Heap

Director of Administration

Janeen Guidice

Director of Human Resources

Sources of Payment

We serve and accept funding from DDD, The Traumatic Brain Injury Fund of NJ, and CBVI.  Certain services may be covered under your medical insurance, we serve as an out-of-network provider. 

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