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Helping Individuals Reach Their 
Maximum Potential

At A Plus Tutoring and Learning Center, our mission is to take our clients through the rehabilitation, educational, or developmental process with the eventual goal of working towards their optimal potential.


Focusing on Individual Strengths and Abilities Rather than Disabilities

A Plus Tutoring and Learning Center was established in 2008 primarily to provide services to adults with cognitive deficits and/or developmental disabilities.


Our staff is highly trained and qualified to work with the general public as well as the special needs population.

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Our Services

We recognize that the individual needs of our clients vary greatly within educational systems, personal living situations, and future planning.  We offer a variety of instructions for adults of all ages and abilities who would benefit from enrichment and reinformancement of academics, life skills and creative opportunities, specializing in servicing individuals with disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.  Our classes teach a variety of skills while proving opportunities for creativity, growth and independence. 

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Group Services

​Our clients enjoy our many group classes including:

  • Art Group

  • Brain Games

  • Dance

  • Music

  • Socialization & Effective Communication

Individual Services

​We offer a wide variety of individual services including:

  • Advance Life Skills Training

  • Education and Tutoring Services

  • Financial Management Services

  • Neuropsychology

  • Therapeutic Yoga


Sources of Payment

We serve and accept funding from DDD, The Traumatic Brain Injury Fund of NJ, and CBVI.  Certain services may be covered under your medical insurance, we serve as an out-of-network provider. 

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